A fearless 28 year old woman who has a Passion in Fashion. A mom of a 2 year old boy, A gorgeous wife and a Lover of Life.

I started as a Full-time Mom for a year then turn into a Mompreneur and soon… A Working Mom. I love being a mom, It’s where I belong. I enjoy my pregnancy and choose to be hands on Mom. That’s why I like to share all the amazing things I’ve learned and still discovering in the world of Motherhood. Hopefully It could help some of the moms  out there. And that they can enjoy the blessings all mothers can have.


I think I was born with it…since I was a kid. I love to wearing my mom necklaces and pumps. I enjoy watching fashion shows and reading magazines. I evolve and evolve with all the trends I got to love and from the influences I had. My mom works at Italy for a long time and I think I got my influences there.. Ilove their sense of style..that’s where I get my love for leathers, boots, scraves and vintages pieces. As far as I remember I already Love Esprit, Fendi, Benetton, Bally when I’m just 11years old. My first bag in elementary was a Patent Fendi from Italy.. I should have kept that. *wink*

As I became a mom, I never sacrifice fashion.. they are a lot of ways to still be stylish in your own way.. and yah! for a Mom, Comfy is the key.














You really have to consider that you’ll carry a baby or like you’ll run after your kid. And as far I know I already master that now. =)

Enjoy reading my thoughts, Ideas, advice, Tips & Journey as a FashMOMshell. (fashionistaMOM)


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