Spoon & Fork for Tots

Teaching my child to eat was a bit challenging to me. I started from introducing new foods to him from mashed, minced to solid. I stay away from too puree food and just do or boiled vegetables & healthy soups as well. In that way they would know the texture of any kind of food that would make them eat.

My son started from having his favorites to eating everything! Although I am disciplined for not letting him eat too much sweets & processed food. He loves vegetables, fruits, dairy, fish & chicken. He not a fan of meat & beef at all. So from letting touch his food with his bare hands to giving him a soft spoon & fork and now A friend of mine gave him his own silverware. And He do love it! It helps him get excited to eat, because the animals design in it. He wants to just eat by himself and learned how to use the Spoon & Fork. At the age of 2 he can now eat, with out me feeding him. Such a great kid. Discovering all the things around him. 


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