10 Baby Shower gift ideas

I love Baby showers!! I can still remember mine.. It was held by my friends and hosted by my Best friend. It was a blast because I didn’t imagine that everyone is gonna be there. It just show how they are excited for my son and how they do care for me too.. again Thanks to my family and Friends for making my Baby shower a memorable one!

Baby Shower is important because It’s like welcoming your lil’ one into the world and showering the family with some of their baby needs that will surely help them into becoming the new parents in town! It’s really overwhelming and FUN! So here are my 10 basic baby shower ideas for you guys out there.

1. Newborn clothes – I do love the cotton ones especially here in the Philippines we do got local brand that caters good quality too. Do check out SM department stores and I’m sure you’ll score good ones and Gingersnaps too. With Onesies & Overalls I personally like GAP, ZARA, Mothercare, Carters, RL Layette. Very stylish especially to baby boys that got a small variety in local goods.



2. Bib, Burp pads & wash cloths  – These are indeed very useful, based on my personal experience as well. Get the stylish ones they’re so cute!

3. Feeding Bottles – Get the Starter kit! I actually tried Avent, Medela, Gerber  & Evenflo and Make it Sure you get the BPA free.

4. Bath Tub – Get those that are from Infant to Toddler. Fisher Price, First Years, Summer & Mothercare got great ones.

5. Baby Bag / Diaper Bag – Locally we have Bebechic here in the Philppines which got good quality. I also like Carter’s, BabyPhat and now, I’ll probably get a Eddie Bauer

6. Baby Towel & SwaddleMothercare, Carter’s and Local goods got great ones too. Check SM department store too.

7. Crib MobileFisher Price, Lamaze, Baby Einstein and Playgro got great choices.

8. BouncerThis is very useful to me.. my son loves his bouncer so much! Fisher Price, Chicco and Graco got lots of variety.

9. Diaper OrganizerYou’ll be surprised that its really useful especially to moms. Get the designs that fits your room or baby.

10. Newborn Toys Check out Fisher Price, Playgro, Lamaze and Baby Einstein.

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