Happy Pregnancy

Got a great news from a friend of mine, Yes! she’s Pregnant.  I’m so happy for her and I know that she’ll enjoy her pregnancy like I do..

…because of that I reminisce my journey back then as I can say it was Amazing! You can never Imagine how a woman can handle the gift of bearing a child.

I had a Happy One.. Got morning sickness, crave for food that was seasonal, Didn’t like the ones I usually eat…Got stretchmarks and  yah feel sleepy all the time. But It’s all good.. I love whenever I feel my baby is moving inside my tummy. You’re Pregnant enjoy the wonders of it..Love your bump!

Pre-Natal care is very important.. I Eat Healthy.  read: Healthy

I’m not a vegetable person but when I got pregnant I just have to. I don’t eat processed food I think only thrice because I do I crave some too. But I was scared I want to make sure my baby is fine and healthy. Drink Milk and Take your vitamins regularly. I’m a coffee drinker as well but I do stop because I know that caffeine won’t do any good to my baby.  Be Happy and always think that since your baby is inside you what you feed yourself  will definitely affects your precious one. I do exercise and was really active – as a result  I had a safe, normal, easy delivery. And it was an amazing experience ever.. A gift only a Mother can have! I was Thankful of that.

I know though that emotions do kick in, but having a supportive husband will help a lot. Talk about how you feel with him,  share the pregnancy with him, Let him feel it whenever the baby moves inside your tummy – Share and Love the Journey!

One more thing to remember when you get pregnant is to dress up! Be Glamorous! Be a FashionistaMom!Feel Pretty even though changes are happening to your body..Embrace it! When you’re enjoying and loving every moment of your pregnancy, It shows.. You Glow!

Here are some of my pictures when I was pregnant:

2-3 months


6-9 months


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