Healthy snacks for your kiddo

My son is a frequent eater that’s why I am used to have snack all the time… read: Healthy

I do practice healthy eating because I read that kids was used to eat junkfoods because It was introduced to them but as long as you let them eat more healthy then you’ll see thats it is really rewarding..

 Like my son doesn’t like chocolates and icecream… He doesn’t know the taste of junk foods.


Surprisingly he loves Yogurt, all natural crackers, cheese, raisins, bread & fruits! That’s what his snacks mean to him.. The icecream he would definitely eat is just Vanilla flavor and he can’t even finished a small cup or cone. He doesn’t look for chips and not into chocolates at all.. one kisses is all he needs then He is ok! unlike when he eats cereals & yakult.. He would definitely ask for more.


His fave, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish



Yakult, a healthy drink kids would definitely need.


Fave Flavored Yakult, they have Grapes, Orange & Apple


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