Make your child a Book Lover

There are a lot of variety of books available for a kids today.. Cloth, Washable, Board, Pop-up, Glittered and E-books!

I used everything from cloth books that I introduced to my son as early as he was a baby. Board & Glitter books around 9months, Pop-up as he turned 1 and now E-books that he really Love!

and of course, Mom’s should take note of the books content.. for Infants: It should be colorful. And Moms should really read Bedtime stories because It does really make them put to sleep and enhance their Imagination.

I really advice all moms to read books to their child as early as 3months. 

(I recommend Bright Stars, V tech,  Lamaze)


Books of First Words, Toys, Food and Things around us.


Glittered books works!


At 9months my son likes books about Animals (he can distinguish a lot already)

He does love Bedtime stories too!


At 1 he already like the Books about Shapes, Colors, ABC and 123

 (Brainy Baby)


He does like E-books as well… and a lot of Story Books too!

(LeapFrog & Adarna Books)

Introducing your child to read enhance a lot of development.. at 2 he can understand all the story I read to him. He can distinguished shapes & can count 1-10!

Rewarding it is, as I am a Super Proud MOM! And my son is a such a Smart Boy!


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