Terrible Two…

Terrible Two...

As they say… but for my case Matteo was so Active from the time he turned 1.. as a proof he can stand at 9months and started to walk at 11months! So you just Imagine how he run all day from the day he could walk alone.
So I was wondering what awaits me when he turn 2…Oh yes! He became more active..he jumped from one sofa to the other, climb stairs alone when he got the chance to, climb windows and even his gate at home doesn’t do the job either… and He is very Quick! Sigh! you won’t dare blink an eye whenever you’re with him or else you’ll find him somewhere he was not suppose to go.
Back on his infant years.. to be honest It was easy for me, because I enjoy being a hands-on Mom. I read books about their development every month and what to expect for his first years. I am not clueless as he grows up.. but now, I got lot of questions… He became a moody eater sometimes he eats all the time sometimes he just preferred milk and then his attention span became shorter in reading books or listening to my stories. All he wants to do is PLAY! Yah! here it is..we’re on the stage that He just wanna PLAY & PLAY!!! Sometimes he doesn’t listen unlike before.. he just wanna do his own thing.. Big Boy it is, I guess! Though Patience is really the key & good communication as well.

I am a learning Mom at this stage as well.. I am taking it slow to him because now He was more on exploring his surroundings.. and Yah! Tantrums strikes whenever he get disappointed in something. It’s a totally different Matteo compare to his Infant days.. more challenging but you know it’s one step for us parents into molding our son to be a good kid. And I am Up for anything!! That’s a SuperMOM-shell should be!



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